If you are as excited as I am about Ridley Scott's upcoming prequel to Alien called 'Prometheus', then this video starring Guy Pearce as Peter Weyland has the fanboy in you excited as a pig in poop! To watch the viral video and trailer to Prometheus, check it out after the jump.

I love when movies take this marketing approach, same as Warner Brothers and Chris Nolan did for 'The Dark Knight' with the Harvey Dent campaign websites. Production and the plot of Prometheus has been very secretive for the last year. We all know that it has something to do with the events 30 years prior to 'Alien'. Since the trailer was released a couple months ago, we definitely know it has something to do with Alien.

20th Century Fox is taking the fictitious corporation Weyland Industries, the evil 'company' in the Alien film series before it was called Weyland-Yutani, as it's viral marketing campaign. The video stars Guy Pearce as Peter Weyland, founder of the company, who speaks at the TED conference about his ambitions about going out into space and building new and better worlds. You can view the video below:

For more information, check out the official Weyland Industries website.

Here is the teaser trailer for Prometheus:

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