Back in November the FBI, along with other law enforcement agencies, arrested several cyber criminals in something called 'Operation Ghost Click'. Basically what the cyber criminals did was host false DNS servers that would allow them to re-route affected computers to whatever website they wanted. They would create what was basically a fake internet, and achieved the goal of gaining your personal information and more. After they were caught, the FBI then put some 'clean' servers in its place so that those affected wouldn't lose internet access. Those are going offline Monday. To find out if your computer is infected leading to you losing internet access, and how to fix it if it is...keep reading.

To find out if your computer is infected and relying on the government servers to access the internet, visit and follow the simple instructions. You can simply run the test is immediate and doesn’t require you to download any programs to your computer. This is because the test isn’t looking at anything on your computer, but rather how your computer is routing to the internet.

So, just to be safe, and to make sure you won't lose the danged ole innernets on Monday, go ahead and test your computer. If it's infected, get it fixed so we can all move on with our lives!