DUSON, La. (KPEL) -- Scott Thomas, the man who allegedly kidnapped the mother of his child, Bethany Arceneaux, is dead.

Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office spokesperson Captain Kip Judice said family of members of Arceneaux apparently killed Thomas while trying to protect her from further harm. The exact details of his death are still being investigated.

"Family members are walking through a pasture with an abandoned home...and heard a yell from inside the home," Judice said. "Those family members entered the home and confronted Mr. Scott Thomas...who began to harm the victim. At that point, a confrontation ensued between the family member and Mr. Thomas."

"A SWAT team was sent into the home," Judice said, "and upon entry into the home, we found him dead."

Arceneaux, who was kidnapped Wedneday, was found alive at a home on Anderson Road, Lafayette Police Cpl. Paul Mouton said. She was being taken to a local hospital, where she is in "good condition other than some injuries that she had received," according to Mouton.

Arcenaux was found inside an abandoned home with Thomas. Family members tell KATC TV-3 they exchanged gunfire with Thomas at the house, though Mouton could not confirm this.

"The friends and family actually came into contact with the victim and the suspect in or out of the house," Mouton said. "There was a confrontation at that point. During that confrontation, the victim was freed."

Thomas "retreated into the house," Mouton said, which the sheriff's office Special Reponse Team quickly surrounded.

Arceneaux's uncle addressed members of the media Friday afternoon with a word of thanks.

Friends and family of Arceneaux flooded her Facebook page Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday--first in concern and then in relief when news surfaced that she was found alive.

Bethany Arceneaux Facebook comments
Bethany Arceneaux Facebook comments

Thomas is facing a charge of kidnapping for forcing Bethany into his car Wednesday evening at their child's daycare on Madeline Avenue.

Thomas is accused of abducting Arcenaux as she was leaving a daycare center with her little boy. She managed to hand the boy off to another person nearby, to avoid his abduction as well.

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