To say it has been a rough start to the fall semester on the campus of LSU would be an understatement.

At least four crimes have made headlines during the first week of classes on the campus of LSU including a shooting, an attempted kidnapping, and a brutal hallway beatdown that recently made its rounds on social media.

According to WBRZ, police are investigating a fight that took place at the West Laville honors dorm at LSU on Monday night.

A viral video showed multiple individuals brawling in a residential hallway; an incident that is now under investigation.

There was an altercation last night that Res Life and LSU Police have been made aware of and are investigating. We do not condone or tolerate physical violence on campus, and we will be addressing this concern in short order, per steps outlined in the Code of Student Conduct

LSU and local authorities are investigating the fight but WBRZ says it's "unclear at this time" if "anyone is facing criminal charges."

WBRZ also reported on a food delivery driver who was ticketed for simple battery and simple assault after being a suspect in an attempted kidnapping at Acadian Hall just days prior.

What has been reported is terrifying and deeply disturbing, and we are reaching out to the victim to offer our support. We have banned the alleged perpetrator from our platform and are assisting law enforcement with their investigation. No one should ever have to go through something like this and we hope justice is served.

It was the second attempted kidnapping and the third major crime reported on LSU's campus in the first week of classes.

The incident was the second reported attempted kidnapping on campus since the start of the fall semester at LSU, but luckily the victim in that incident has since been found safe.

One student wasn’t so lucky after being shot while trying to disarm an individual during a mugging outside of Laville Hall.

On Friday, LSU released the following statement, alluding to the possibility that things weren’t as bad as parents and students may have feared.

Dear LSU Community,

We understand that it is unsettling to hear of incidents of crime happening on or near our campus. Unfortunately, information about such incidents reported through traditional and social media channels is not always the full story, as active investigations limit the depth of detail available to the public. LSU Police have more details on these and that information is helping to resolve these in a timely and appropriate fashion. If there is ever the serious concern for the continued safety of our students, we will communicate that immediately and consistently.

Unfortunately, with the events that have unfolded since last Friday, that statement may not have aged well.

Regardless, LSU still plans to implement new safety measures and reminds students to always be aware of their surroundings while traveling on campus.

While its been an unusual time of year to start with these three things happening this week police are actively investigating it they have some leads on some of the cases and we hope to have it resolved soon

See the full story here via WBRZ.

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