Residents in the St. Claude Neighborhood of New Orleans made a gruesome discovery the other morning when they found numerous dead animals hanging from power lines.

Rats, birds and raccoons were discovered, some mutilated, hanging from power lines in the 1400 block of St. Ferdinand Street in New Orleans.

As bizarre and disturbing as this is, New Orleans Humane Law Enforcement Manager Amanda Pumilia tells WWL it's not against the law.

"It's certainly in poor taste and poor judgment to have displayed these things in such a manner. But it is not illegal," Pumilia tells WWL.

According to the LASPCA, the dead animals had other animals body parts attached to them, such as a rat with bird's wings.
The investigation is ongoing. Investigators are working to determine the time and cause of death for these animals, but right now they believe the animals may have died of natural causes, then mutilated after the fact. Mutilation of a dead animal's body is not a crime in New Orleans.

Even for New Orleans, this is pretty shocking.


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