YouTube user Top 5 Unknowns gathered these five recordings, and yes, they're creepy as hell!

Paul Stephani
First, there's Paul Stephani, who murdered three women, and would call the police to tell them about it. His emotional calls dubbed him the "Weepy Voiced Killer."

The Bloop
Second is the "Bloop." An unexplained sound that came from the deepest depths of the South Pacific Ocean in 1997.

Jonestown Death Tape
Third is the "Jonestown Death Tape" where you hear cult leader Jim Jones "preaching" while his followers (including children) are dying around him during the Jonestown Massacre.

Original Night Stalker
Next we have what I consider to be the creepiest of the five recordings. The Original Night Stalker, a serial killer and rapist who was never caught, killed at least ten people between 1979-1986. There was a message on a victims answering machine that was believed to be him...It gave me all the chills.
Central New York Ghost Hunters
Lastly is a paranormal recording left on equipment belonging to The Central New York Ghost Hunters. The recording is of voices in an old New York hotel built in the 1800's. Listen for yourself!

The full stories of these incidents can be read in the links provided in each paragraph.

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