The year of our Lord nineteen hundred and eighty-four was a simpler time.

Back in 1984, the general public didn't have a grandiose access to Velcro. That's why when David Letterman, and his suit of Velcro introduced it, it was such a big deal!

Letterman starts the bit by being stuck to the wall. After help from his guest, and a crew member, he starts showing off other things that Velcro can do.

Along with a history lesson of how it was invented, he shows *GASP* Velcro shoes! There's also a tension block stuck together with Velcro, a Velcro dart gun, and a Velcro basketball that went extremely well with Dave's Velcro suit.

To end it all, they bring out a trampoline for Dave to jump on to attach to the wall.

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