This woman was on Letterman for Stupid Human Tricks...she can still do her trick 20 years later!

Here's kind of a "where are they now" video for this woman. She was on Letterman when she was in high school showing off her "strong lungs."

Her trick is she spits her gum straight out, and "sucks" the gum back into her mouth.

First, here she is on Letterman.

And here she is about a month ago showing that she can still do the trick.

In the comments on YouTube (which can sometimes be a scary place), someone brought up that it's connected to a strand of her hair. Now, I couldn't see it in either video. The only thing that makes me think it may be true, is if you watch her mouth while Dave is talking, or when the guy filming the second video is talking, it's almost like she can't move the gum around TOO much.

What do y'all think? Strand of hair (or something of the like), or is she really sucking the gum back into her mouth?

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