It’s no secret that production on the new Star Wars trilogy has been, well, top secret. Although director Rian Johnson has shared a few photos from the set of Episode VIII, they haven’t been particularly revelatory, as everything from the plot to the costumes has been shrouded in secrecy. That includes Daisy Ridley’s hair — quite literally, as you can see in a new video in which the actress shows off her workout routine.

In a new video on Instagram, Ridley explains that she’s covered her head with a pillowcase to keep her Episode VIII hairstyle under, uh, wraps But what exactly is up with Rey’s hair that would require such secrecy? What is she hiding in there? Rey’s parentage? The recipe to that spongy green insta-bread from The Force Awakens?

The shape of the pillowcase makes it look as though Rey’s hair is the same as it was in the previous film (three buns in a row), but as iO9 points out, rumors suggest that the new Star Wars hero will be sporting a more natural look in the sequel, wearing her hair down instead of up. Scandalous!

While a new ’do hardly seems to be major news, crazy hairstyles have long been a part of the Star Wars universe, from Princess Leia’s side-buns to Queen Amidala’s logic-defying up-do. Maybe there are some people who consider hairstyles to be a spoiler. Maybe there’s some insane fan theory out there about what a character’s hair says about their story arc. Maybe it’s just hair.

Star Wars: Episode VIII hits theaters on December 14, 2017.

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