Almost as common as getting engaged around the holidays is the baby announcement to expect a new arrival in the new year. For the average Texas resident expecting a baby soon, you probably do not need to worry about if your name choices are banned because you have put care into your selections, and most likely not entered into the vicinity of being off limits.

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What baby names are banned in Texas for 2024?

There are a few rules you must abide by that include keeping the entire name to 100 letters or less. If the baby's name doesn't fit on a single line of the birth certificate, it will not be allowed.

Why does a name over 100 letters get banned in Texas?

The woman with the Guinness World Record for longest name in the world will be turning 40 next year, and her name literally caused a law to be enacted in Texas to make sure nobody will ever get within 10% of her name's length.

What else makes a name illegal in Texas?

Believe it or not, for a state that comes from the Spanish language which is full of accents and tildes, they are not allowed. Yes, that does in fact mean that there is no way to name your child Jose`.

You also have to forget about android type names like R2-D2 because numbers are also banned in Texas. Sorry Star Wars fans.

Henry VIII or even Henry IIIIIIII would be perfectly fine, but you can't name your child Henry the 8th.

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