CRAWFISH!!! It's this season that most of us Cajuns look forward to the most out of the year. That season is in full swing. Have you had yours yet? Be it boiled, in an étouffée, or any other way you like it prepared. There's one thing for certain. It takes a bit of time to cook those bugs. Wouldn't you rather just go get them, or sit down and have them brought to you? That can get kinda pricy, right? Not if you act now. 

Right now at Cajun Cro Café you can get 3lbs. of boiled crawfish for only $8. That, ladies and gentlemen, is unheard of. It's a deal at Seize the Deal right now. It goes on until March 23rd. If you wanna get your paws on some DELICIOUS boiled crawfish for an unheard of cheap it NOW!!!

It's only $8 for the Seize the Deal at Cajun Cro Café. If you're not in the mood for boiled crawfish, you can use it toward anything on their menu. Their burgers are downright outstanding! (hint hint).

Lent is almost should probably take advantage of this great deal. No meat on Fridays! Don't make the good Lord angry! Get you some hot, spicy, delicious boiled crawfish. 3lbs. for only $8.

I would also like to point out that tomorrow only (Thursday 3/21) the ENTIRE Seize the Deal page will be 60% off!!! 

Anything and everything on the Seize the Deal page...SIXTY percent off!!! Tomorrow only. 

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