Corrosion of Conformity have been making the heaviest of music for roughly three decades. Of course, a lot has changed since these punk-metal gents first started out in the ‘80s; notably, the Internet has altered the playing field. Drummer Reed Mullin is taking all the change in stride and even finds little humor in the many various names people have made up to describe different genres of music these days.

“The Internet, for better or worse, makes sub-categories of all different kinds of music,” Mullin told Metal Sucks. “If you talk about metal how many different kinds of metal are there now? I remember seeing a show that was Black Flag, Hüsker Dü, DOA, the Minutemen and someone else. These days, all of those bands would just be branded into different categories. Kids wouldn’t necessarily go see something like a Hüsker Dü because they’d be called an indie pop band.”

C.O.C. are set to tour Europe in April and North America in June, and it’s a busy itinerary. When asked what  it’s like being three middle-aged guys rocking clubs at this moment in time, Mullin called it “exhilarating.”

“I haven’t been touring for eight years. I like our new songs and I love playing the stuff from ‘Animosity’ and ‘Technocracy,’” he said. “You have to figure I’ve been doing this since 1982 and then was always on tour except for the past eight years.

He continued, “You still get to meet a lot of good people. And if you are a reasonably good band, you can make enough money to pay the rent and bills. You still get to see a lot of good bands. But the atmosphere has changed a bit with all the divisions of things. When we started people would just go to see bands to go to see bands. Things didn’t have to be some sub-division of metal. We do have to stretch a little bit more to be able to jump around [laughs].”

Read the full interview via Metal Sucks.

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