We can't imagine there are many things that happen at a car wash that are too memorable. Vacuum stops working? The caranuba wax leaves a streak? The vending machine won't change a dollar?

When you have to reach to the vending machine, you know not much happens. But things were a little different than normal recently at the Pitstop Carwash in Slidell, Louisiana, when manager Josh Hood wound up sucked in by and attached to an enormous brush used to clean cars.

According to WGNO, Hood was doing some routine cleaning "when the hose he was using got caught on one of the brushes, and that was on the spin cycle."

Hood spun around like he had used three tickets for a cheap ride at a traveling carnival that doesn't deliver on the promise of exhilaration. Eventually, an employee came to his rescue. He didn't suffer and serious injuries.

And on the positive side, at least there was finally a day where life at the car wash was actually interesting.

Like a man surviving war or enduring a Lifetime movie, you can hear him tell the tale below. And you think our veterans have seen things, huh?

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