Car washes have become one of the most talked about types of businesses in Lafayette.

It seems that every time one gets built (along with a Mexican restaurant), social media gets their collective knickers knotted up and will proceed to stomp on the fact that we have more than a couple.

Ok, I get it, sometimes it seems like a bit much. But someone must be frequenting these businesses for more to keep popping up, right?

I have no problem with it personally. I have several in town that I go to fairly often enough. Living in the country will mud up some tire wells in a hurry, and often.

But it doesn't matter what I think, we wanted to know your thoughts. We asked on our station's social media pages the following:

We joke about all the car washes in Lafayette, but we must be using them for so many to pop up. That got us to thinking: Which car wash in Lafayette is the best and why?
The responses came in fast and furious. Below are the results of this very unscientific poll.
Congrats to the top 5!

5 Best Car Washes in Lafayette

Even though Lafayette seems to have more than enough car washes these days, we must have them for a reason. So we asked you which is your favorite car wash in the Hub City and here are the top five vote-getters.


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