On Monday, thousands of people woke up to find they had no internet service. And it wasn’t just a weird coincidence — computers infected with a certain malware were affected in what’s now been dubbed ‘Malware Monday.’

The problem began months ago when international hackers ran a scam that resulted in them gaining control of more than 570,000 infected computers worldwide.

When the FBI shut the hackers down, agents quickly realized that if they turned off the malicious servers being used to control the computers, all the victims would lose their internet service. So in a most unusual move, the FBI brought in a private company to install two clean servers to take over for the malicious servers and the agency put out the word about the malware.

That kept people online, but because many internet users either didn’t see the warnings or didn’t trust them, they lost their service on Monday when the court order that the FBI obtained to keep the servers running expired.

If you were one of the unfortunate victims, you’ll need to contact your internet service provider. Most have beefed up their call centers and have solutions in place to deal with the problem.

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