Sad news coming out of Baton Rouge regarding LSU's live tiger mascot, Mike VI.

LSU reported this morning Mike VI's cancer has spread, and his tumor has grown. He now has 1 or 2 months left to live.

Back in May, Mike VI was diagnosed with a rare, life threatening form of cancer that was reportedly inoperable, callled spindle cell sarcoma.

The medical team at the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine treated him with a special, first of its kind operation. The hope was it would allow him to live for an extra year or two, rather than perish in a few months if the cancer was left untreated.

However, the CT scan today revealed the operation failed, as the cancer has spread to his lungs.

LSU held a press conference this morning reveal the details of Mike's current condition.

"(The) finding are not encouraging," said Dr. Baker. "(Our) best estimate is Mike has 1 or 2 months to live. The plan is to allow the LSU community to say goodbye."

Baker's words suggest Mike will be euthanized before the cancer spreads throughout his entire  body.

"We will not allow Mike to suffer," explained Baker.

After Mike VI passes away, will LSU get a Mike VII?

"We intend to find a young, male tiger that is in need of a good home," said Baker. "We intend to obtain one from a rescue facility."

Mike VI is an 11 year old Bengal/Siberian mix Tiger.

Florida v LSU
Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images


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