It's a time honored tradition, at least for our family, to go visit Mike the Tiger whenever we are on campus at LSU in Baton Rouge. It's an even bigger tradition to go visit Mike in his lair on game day.

The hope is that Tiger fans won't have to miss out on that tradition since there is now word that a potential replacement for Mike VI may have been located. The previous Tiger mascot passed away last year after he was diagnosed with cancer.

The potential "new" Mike is a nine-month-old male tiger that is currently being housed at a wildlife center in Florida. That center is currently rehoming several of its animals and the tiger and LSU appear to be a perfect fit.

The plan would be to bring in this new tiger and house him in the night house at the LSU vet facility. After a week or so of acclimation then the tiger would be placed in the tiger habitat on campus at LSU. However, that habitat is currently undergoing renovations so that might play a part in the timetable of things as well.

Officials with the LSU Vet School are cautioning fans to not get too excited about the potential new mascot just yet. There are still a lot of details that have to be worked out but the hope is that a live TIger Mascot will be on campus in Baton Rouge by the middle of this month and in time for the first football game of the 2017 season.

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