Louisiana is a state that is not like any other place in the world if you ask me. If you live here you probably feel the same way. Our Cajun food in Louisiana is a cuisine that is the finest in the world in my opinion.

In addition to our food, Louisiana's zest for life, our love for our fellow human beings, and our ability to create a party anywhere we might be are endearing things that we hold sacred in this state.

One of the other things we hold sacred is our food. Above I wrote, "Our Cajun food in Louisiana is a cuisine that is the finest in the world in my opinion." Now, if you don't agree with that statement you might want to argue with me and there is nothing wrong with that.

Fried Shrimp
YouTube, Poor Man's Gourmet Kitchen

In fact, you and I likely could have a very healthy ( maybe even heated ) conversation about how we would rank certain foods in terms of what is most popular to our particular pallets. And neither one of us would be wrong, and that's the secret right there to Cajun food.

We have so much abundance of food, styles, flavors, and ways of preparing our dishes, we literally want to "throw down" if you say you like one dish more than another! Okay, that might be a little dramatic, but I think you get my drift.

It may be hard to say which Cajun dish is better than another, but I did want to give it a try. Now, again, this is ONLY based on what I love, and you can tell me how you would rank them as well. You probably will point out some subtleties that I never even thought of forcing me to go back and change the order! This is fun!

Cajun Foods, Worst to Best


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