From KATC :

Convicted murderer Brandon Scott Lavergne has asked a district court judge to issue a gag order against the District Attorney Mike Harson's office until a ruling is made on his appeal. In documents filed on January 22, Lavergne says he feels "the state is playing politics with (his) life and attempting to use the tide of public opinion to influence the judgment of (the court)." Lavergne also says media's access to his court filings "further damage" his ability to receive a fair trial.

Lavergne also requested a formal investigation of staff at the Angola State Penitentiary after they allegedly tampered with court documents mailed to him. Lavergne alleges that legal mail sent was opened prior to his receiving it. Lavergne also says appeals documents attached to a ruling sent to him by Judge Herman Clause were missing from his packet.

Also in the filings, Lavergne requested several other documents.
They include:
--The documents missing from the aforementioned legal mail sent to him.
--April 2008 grand jury transcripts pertaining to the Lisa Pate case
--Copies of his conviction and sentence,
--The list of witnesses who testified in the Mickey Shunick and Lisa Pate
--Sentencing transcripts and pre-trial motions made by his court-appointed attorneys.
--The warrant allowing his ex-wife to record audio during a prison visit in 2005
--Copies of correspondance his ex-wife had with prosecutors and the Acadia Parish Sheriff's Office.
--The warrant authorizing the July 5 search on his truck, which led to the seizure of his iPhone.