Rookie Saints wide receiver Mike Thomas tweeted a picture of Brandin Cooks and Usain Bolt.

The picture shows Saints wide receiver Brandin Cooks photoshopped into a picture as if he's in a race with Usain Bolt...with Cooks out in front of Bolt!

According to The Advocate, Cooks laughed off the shop-job knowing full well how fast he is, and how fast Bolt is.

"I don't know who did that picture, but I'm not shooting anything at that guy," Cooks said. "Because I'm not trying to see anything on my Twitter handle like 'B Cooks, you want to race?"

Even Drew Brees has made reference to Cooks looking like Bolt after catching a ball, and running down the field.

Brandin Cooks is fast, but he's not Usain Bolt fast. And he knows it.

"Nine-something, that's something different than a 10-something," Cooks said. "That's a huge difference, and I'm not putting up with it. I loved (the picture) though)."

Mike Thomas mis-tagged Cooks in the tweet, but corrected himself with a later tweet.

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