Drew Brees gave his take on Brandin Cooks being traded to the Patriots.

Brandin Cooks was definitely one of Drew Brees' weapons on the offense. Drew has definitely been through losing one of his favorite targets before. He spoke about losing Cooks during an interview with "Pro Football Talk Live" on NBC Sports Radio.

"You know, that was tough because I love Brandin," Brees said. "Not only is he a great teammate, but he's a great friend. And obviously we were able to accomplish some great things together the last couple of years."

In referring to Cooks' comments about not being happy with his role in the offense, Brees had this to say:

"I just think it was one of those unfortunate things that maybe kind of took on a life of its own, too, as the season progressed and into the offseason.

There was so much speculation about his intentions and that kind of thing in regards to him wanting to be here or not wanting to be here," Brees said. "I think a lot of that was kind of fostered by the media and that sort of thing.

But at the end of the day, I hope that he got what he wanted or got to a good situation, which I think he did. And obviously we got some draft picks out of it. So at the end of the day, I want what's best for him and what's best for us. Hopefully that accomplished that."

Brees has always been a stand-up guy that seems to truly care about his teammates. That being said, the passes that would have gone to Cooks had he still been on the team aren't gonna go away. He's still going to throw them, he'll just put them in the hands of another Saints receiver.

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