You do NOT want to go on a date in New York.

Of course you know that bigger cities have a higher cost of living, so doing things in those cities is going to cost you more. I really didn't think the average date could reach almost THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS like it does in New York.

Yahoo Finance broke down the average cost of a date by adding up dinner for two, a bottle of wine, and two movie tickets.

That's pretty standard for a good first date. Nothing risky.

Here's something to consider. That $300 date in New York is averaged by the entire state. A date in Poughkeepsie isn't going to cost you $300. New York City is what's driving up the average. That means that you will most likely spend well over three hundred Franklins for a date in NYC.

California is known for being expensive too. The average date isn't quite New York pricey, but it's still up there at just over $225.

Louisiana's $86.15 for the average priced date doesn't sound so bad next to those numbers.

The state with the lowest average cost for a date is South Dakota where you can get away with a standard date for only $38.27.

Here's a look at all 50 states.

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