Most of us can't fathom a creature that stands over six feet tall and weighs over 150 pounds as a baby but then again most of us don't conjure up images of giraffes when we think of newborns either.

At the New Orleans Audubon Nature Institute, they are thinking giraffe when the word baby is mentioned because that facility has just welcomed a brand new animal into the institute's wide and varied exhibits.

Officials with the Audubon Nature Institute announced on Monday a male reticulated giraffe calf was born on January 9th.  The calf was born to Tumaini a female giraffe that is housed at the facility.

The new arrival means that the Freeport-McMoRan Audubon Species Survival Center now has eight giraffes, five females and three males, at their specialized campus located in Algiers. That facility is not open to the public and is used to house animal species that have populations considered at risk in the wild, in the hopes that they will breed.

Both Mother and baby are doing well.


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