As reported last night, As I Lay Dying vocalist Tim Lambesis pleaded not guilty in his shocking murder-for-hire case. Now, more details have emerged from the May 9 arraignment in San Diego. Video taken of the arraignment depicts Deputy District Attorney Claudia Grasso revealing the alleged details of Lambesis' plot to have his estranged wife killed, which he apparently first mentioned to a member of his gym.

Lambesis has undergone a skinny-to-musclebound transformation, a change which Lambesis' wife, Meggan, recently attributed to an obsession with bodybuilding. In her divorce papers, Meggan Lambesis further criticized the character and parenting skills of her husband, and claimed he had affairs and that the Christian metal vocalist no longer believed in God.

During yesterday's arraignment, Deputy District Attorney Clausia Grasso stated, "On April 23 of 2013, the defendant met with an individual from his gym and asked him if he knew of someone that could kill his wife. The previous day, that same individual from the gym ran into another gym individual that happened to make a remark of, 'Oh, the defendant is doing well on tour, but he would be better if his wife was killed.' So, this individual thought that was strange -- they agreed to have another meeting, and this meeting took place on April 24. There, the defendant reiterated and asked this gym individual if he knew of someone that could kill his wife. He said that she was not letting him see the kids, that she was making this divorce 'impossible' and further, that it was better for the children to have one healthy relationship with one parent than two unhealthy ones, and he wanted her gone."

Grasso continued, "On May 7, the defendant agreed to meet with 'Red,' who was an undercover agent posing as a hitman. The defendant told Red that he wanted his wife gone and to never see her again. When asked if he wanted her dead, the defendant replied, and on recording, 'Yes, that is exactly what I want.' The defendant told Red that he wanted his wife killed when the children were with him so he would have an alibi. The defendant then handed the undercover agent an envelope with $1000 cash for expenses, pictures of Mrs. Lambesis, her address and gate codes -- how to get into her home, to her complex and specific dates when this could be done, which were the same dates that he was due to have the children."

Tim Lambesis watched the arraignment encased in a protective glass viewing booth (as seen in the video below via NBC 7 San Diego), where he sat and stood nearly expressionless throughout the court appearance.

Bail for Lambesis has been set for $3 million. If the vocalist was to post bail, the judge has ordered that Lambesis be equipped with GPS monitoring, that he stay away from his wife and children and that he remains in San Diego County except for meetings with his legal team in Los Angeles.

A readiness hearing for Tim Lambesis has been set for June 10 and the singer's preliminary hearing will take place on July 10.

Videos From Tim Lambesis' May 9 Arraignment:

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