Most people over complicate the process.

You might think you know how to cook scrambled eggs, but there's always things to learn.

I know that I can cook scrambled eggs. I know several different ways to do it. But I also know I haven't perfected it, and I'm always searching for the perfect way. Perhaps this is the way to do it.

Bourdain said that he believes that scrambled eggs should be about just that...the egg. Here's how he goes about cooking scrambled eggs.

  1. Use a hot pan, but not too terribly hot. Plenty of hot, foaming whole butter.
  2. Crack your FRESH eggs on a flat surface, and put them in an intermediate vessel, aka a bowl. Obviously make sure there's no shells involved.
  3. Beat your eggs with a fork, being careful not to over beat them. You want to have a sort of ripple of white and yellow throughout. Don't make it a complete homogeneous yellow.
  4. Very Important! You want to beat your egg just prior to putting them in the pan. You don't want to beat the egg, and let it sit.
  5. Add salt and pepper. No milk, cream, or water. Remember, it's about the egg.
  6. After putting them into your hot pan with plenty of hot, foaming whole butter, let them form up a little bit.
  7. Push them around using a sort of figure eight pattern. Sort of a folding pattern so you don't get little bits of egg for your final product.

And if you'd rather have him explain it to you:

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