Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney, better known as the Black Keys, appeared on the Travel Channel’s ‘No Reservations’ food-and-travel show. However, instead of looking for the best restaurants in the Black Keys’ hometown of Akron, Ohio, the duo and host Anthony Bourdain instead visited the Woodyard Bar-B-Que in Kansas City, Mo.

The clip is amusingly set up to give the impression that Bourdain, with bourbon-impaired judgement, accepts a ride in the band’s white, wood-paneled van (yes, it’s the same one on the cover of ‘El Camino’). Claiming to not know the band and fearing for his life, Bourdain decides to take them to lunch as a method of self-preservation.

Over plates of mouth-watering barbecue, the duo open up about eating on the road in the early days of the band, when they had a very small budget for food. Auerbach reveals an interesting preference for wanton soup. They get along well, which, given that Bourdain is as unashamedly strongly opinionated as the Black Keys, is either a surprise or not a surprise at all. We’re not yet sure which.

Although the episode debuted last week, it will be re-broadcast tomorrow (April 23) at 7PM Eastern. The clip featuring the band can be viewed at Travel Channel’s website. But don’t watch it on an empty stomach.

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