All That Remains frontman Philip Labonte raised a few eyebrows recently when he stated in an interview with 'The Jasta Show' that he felt the band's 'A War You Cannot Win' album "sucked." Now, Labonte is going a little more in depth on his critique of that disc.

Speaking with Revolver, Labonte explains, "It was mostly me. I think I could have done better. I could have had stuff that was a little more compelling -- especially in some of the heavier songs. So I wasn't super-pumped about it."

'A War You Cannot Win' did generate it's fair share of hit radio singles, including the chart-topper 'Stand Up' and the successful 'What If I Was Nothing,' but radio success isn't everything and Labonte feels he's upped is game with the band's upcoming album 'The Order of Things.' He adds, "This [new] record will make a significant statement about what we can do as a band. I think it's going to do really good things for us."

The vocalist also goes on to say that music's gotten a little too safe for his liking. "There are no more bad guys," says Labonte of the metal genre. "It's become so competitive and so hard to be in a band that can make a living -- everyone's for the right opinion and they say the right things or they don't say anything at all. If the metal world is looking for a bad guy, I'll be that guy."

All That Remains are currently building toward the Feb. 23 release of their 'The Order of Things' album, and have booked a tour with In Flames. Check out the new ATR track 'No Knock' below.

Listen to All That Remains' 'No Knock'

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