Gun control has been a hot button topic for quite some time, long before the recent Paris terrorist actions and yesterday's shootings in San Bernardino, Calif. But those events have brought the topic back to the forefront of discussion in these scary times.

The always outspoken Phil Labonte of All That Remains has weighed in with his thoughts on gun control and what it will or won't accomplish in terms of thwarting such horrific actions. The vocalist spells out his thoughts in a new Facebook post that reads as follows:

Remember a while back, when those two dudes grabbed some long guns n headed out to kill a bunch of people at a draw Muhammed thing in Texas? Member how that worked out? They got smoked before they could kill anyone. Notice how a s--t load of people died yesterday? Regardless of if you like guns or not. They are out there. In America there are a whole s--t load of them. Laws didn't work in Paris and they won't stop this stuff here. The police will do everything they can to help you when they get there, but till then, you're on your f--king own. F--k, most of my friends don't think it's weird to have a rifle in the truck or car all the time. There's nothing wrong with having a small bag w a first aid kit and a handgun in your desk or tool box at work. Get your local carry license, go to a couple classes, have a first aid kit, and have a gun.

As expected, the commentary has resulted in a mixed bag of responses on Labonte's Facebook page. There are those who credit the singer for saying something that needed to be said and making the connection that criminals are typically not going to bow to laws to begin with. Meanwhile, there are others who state that part of the reason for all the mass shootings is that guns are so readily available to anyone who can just choose to use them at their discretion.

What's your take on Labonte's remarks? You can use the Comments section below to share your thoughts.

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