This past November, a group of 11 Lafayette High students taking part in a mini-exchange program were on their way to Paris for the trip of a lifetime. When they got to Atlanta, they learned about the horrific terror attacks that had just taken place in Paris, and their trip was cancelled. Now the kids have started a fundraiser to get back to Paris, and you can help.

The group has since rescheduled its trip to Paris in March, but the cost of the plane tickets for this trip is more than the refund the students were given by the airline.

From the group's gofundme page -

The trip very nearly became a reality.  Our group of eleven students, one chaperone, and one teacher (me!) left Lafayette on November 13 and was scheduled to arrive in Paris on the morning of November 14.  Sadly, the trip did not continue past the layover in Atlanta.  Upon arriving, we received the awful news about the terrorist attacks in Paris, and shortly thereafter, the borders to France were closed and flights to Paris were cancelled.  After taking a few months to ensure it would be safe to travel, we're happy to announce the exchange has now been rescheduled for ten days in March!

Please know that though this trip is approved by the school board and the school itself, this exchange is funded entirely by our students and their families.  Unfortunately, the plane tickets for March will cost more than their November trip refund, and this is where I'm hoping the students can get some help from the community.

If you'd like to make a donation to help these Lafayette High students get back to Paris, head over to the gofundme page HERE

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