We are really riding the fall weather roller coaster in Acadiana. You know the drill, temperatures start out cool for a day or so. Then they warm up until you need to turn the A/C on. Then it gets cold again and we all head for an urgent care clinic because the temperature fluctuations are making us sick.

I hope you're used to the ride because we are going to be on it again this week. Today's forecast is calling for temperatures to approach 80 degrees this afternoon. There will be a slight risk of rain but a better chance of showers and storms is coming later tonight and during the day on Tuesday.

Tuesday's weather will be influenced greatly by an approaching frontal system. This system will bring some of the coldest air of the season to the middle of the nation during the week. For Acadiana, we will certainly cool down but not to the extremes the midwest and northeast will feel.

Tuesday's forecast includes an 80% chance of showers and thunderstorms. The Storm Prediction Center is not predicting a severe weather outbreak with this system but there could be some gusty winds and heavy downpours associated with some of the storms as the frontal system moves through the area.

Temperatures will be considerably cooler on Tuesday when compared to today's forecast high temperatures. The outlook calls for a rain-cooled high temperature of only 66 degrees on Tuesday and about ten degrees colder forecast for Wednesday's high.

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