An estimated 25,000 acres of farmland is expected to be destroyed if the decision is made to open the Morganza Spillway in Pointe Coupee Parish. LSU Ag Center county agent Mike Carriere says farmers who own property that could soon be swamped by diverted Mississippi River water will take a bath financially.

““That is definitely something that they will lose all that income for this season.”

Livestock will also have to relocate which can overcrowd land and drive up hay and feed costs.

Carriere says seepage from the Mississippi along the levees has already brought standing water to fields.

“The forebay has approximately 4,500 to 4,800 farmable acres that was not even able to be planted this year.”

Carriere says news that the Morganza could possibly open soon comes on the heels of a difficult planting season, because of wet conditions.

““It has been very trying this year so far just to get through regular planting much less you know these farmers having to worry about getting everything out of the spillway.”

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