While we in South Louisiana have certainly seen our share of rain the past few weeks it is nothing compared to what other parts of the nation have experienced. All across the upper midwest rivers and streams are over their banks and all of that water has got to go somewhere. Unfortunately, that somewhere is in our general direction.

In anticipation of flooding along the Mississippi River, the Army Corps of Engineers has notified stakeholders that the Morganza Spillway could be opening soon to aid in flood control. Officials with the Army Corps of Engineers say that "slow opening" could begin as early as June 2nd.

Forecast models are suggesting that high water from further up the river system could actually over top the spillway by June 5th if some adjustments aren't made. Should the water overtop the spillway it would be too late for it to be opened so preemptive measures are a necessity.

If the Morganza Spillway is opened it would be the third time the structure has been opened since it was built in 1954. The most recent opening of the spillway structure took place in 2011

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