There is an art to boiling crawfish, and I've been to some crawfish places where the cook was definitely an artist.

Going to a restaurant for crawfish will fill your belly without all of the hassle and mess, you'll be waited on hand-and-foot, and you'll get to see and be seen, but: there's something to be said about an at-home crawfish boil: the hassle and mess and having people over is all part of the tradition in many families.

The owner of Crawfish Haven/Ms. Rose's Bed and Breakfast, Barry Toups, help us put together this list. Barry has been boiling crawfish ever since he was old enough to help his dad boil crawfish, so he has over 50 years' worth of experience. Now, with his own Bed and Breakfast, he is sharing the tradition of a Cajun Crawfish Boil with visitors from all over the world.

Of course, some of these steps can be omitted if you aren't doing it professionally, but we've included them just in case you want to flood your back yard and start harvesting your own crawfish.



Thanks to Barry at Crawfish Haven for giving us these 10 steps to boiling crawfish like a pro! I know that many people in Acadiana already know how to do crawfish "perfectly". Even so, Barry hopes that there was a tip or two in these steps that might help your crawfish boil be "off the chain".

Poor Clovis.

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