The towns of Broussard and Youngsville are booming. More businesses are opening and more families are moving in to both areas. With the burst in population, the need arises for an increase in the availability in recreational activities.

Voters approved tax increases last year to fund the building of the parks and sports complexes, and now the plans are moving forward. According to KATC TV3, "the city of Youngsville is in the design phase of its planned sports complex, which will feature five baseball fields, four softball fields, six full-size soccer fields, 10 tennis courts, and covered pavilions in the first phase of the project. The city plans to build the complex on 70 acres of donated land. Youngsville Mayor Wilson Viator said construction could begin in the fall with a tentative completion date of January 2014."

Meanwhile in Broussard, Mayor Charles Langlinais "said he'd like to build a sports park and a separate linear park on the east side of the city that would complement the city's growing residential population. From a list of 21 properties, the mayor said he found two parcels that he'd like to begin negotiating purchase agreements. The first park would feature sports fields, while the neighborhood park would emphasize jogging and walking trails and an entertainment complex that would cater to festivals, Langlinais said.

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