If you could make one thing in your life 5% bigger—what would it be? The Greater Lafayette area's most popular answer was to have their bank accounts increased by 5% (or more). Faith, days off, willpower and more were also on the list.

My bank account. -Sue L.

"My investments." -Rosemary S.

"My checking account balance." -Stephanie W.

"My paycheck." -Julia H.

My band account and Reese's peanut butter cups. -Dawn G.


There were many other responses that didn't involve money.

"My patience." -Monica F.

"My energy." -Joan B.

"My cup of coffee." -Tammy W.

"Willpower." -Julie R.

"My kitchen." -Melody M.

More God-fearing people. -Craig S.

"Stadium and airplane seats". -Joey D.

"Days off." -Danielle R.

"My house." -Rachel F.

"My faith. I need more." -Alicia Poirier

"Kid's health." -Tina R.

I plead the fifth on this question. -Donnie Matte

"My faith in Christ!" -Laura D.

"Amount of milk in a jug." -Ashlee R.

"My trailer lol." -Carmen C.

"My ability to empathize." -Shelley S.

"My master bathroom!!!."-Lisa G.

My father's lifespan. -Lisa B.

"My middle finger!!!!!!" -Luke L.

"My utility room!!!" -Jennie Gary

"My height." -Deanna R.

"My life span with my wife." -Stevie L.

"My sewing/craft room." -Gayle M.

And of course, there were some naughty responses as well.


Is this a loaded question? I feel like it's loaded. -Brad D.


I'd say my bank account, let's not ask the wife that question though. -Beanie V.

Just remember, you may already be a millionaire. Maybe not by the amount of money you have in the bank but because of your good health, the good health of your family, living in a great neighborhood (even if that kitchen isn't big enough), friends who will give you the shirt off their backs, a healthy spirit within you, etc.

Being a millionaire doesn't need to be all about how much money you have. Happiness and health are priceless.

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