According to reports, the WWE is teaming up with Rolling Loud Music Festival in Miami, FL in what could be the first-ever wrestling/music show on a stage of this size.

Jerod Harris

See the news with a full report posted to Twitter by @arielhelwani below.

According to the above report, the wrestling organization has teamed up with the music festival to bring wrestling matches to the very stages where popular acts will be performing.

Jerod Harris

See the lineup for Rolling Loud along with the flyer for the WWE Friday Night Smack Down event below via @XXL on Twitter.

With some of the biggest hip-hop acts performing at Rolling Loud 2021, it will be really interesting to see how the crowd reacts to a wrestling match breaking out on the main stage in between performances.

My question is - where does it end?

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Don't get me wrong, if I am at a music festival and a wrestling match broke out on stage I would definitely be intrigued. But, I am also wondering if those who were expecting to enjoy music all night long will be happy to get a break for some back-breaking action.

Jerod Harris

To me, this collaboration lends to music festivals trying new things when it comes to what kinds of entertainment they provide festival-goers. Maybe other music festivals will start finding other forms of entertainment to fill time at festivals. With the kind of budget these festival planners operate on, there are sure to be some unique ideas coming for future events.

Will they be able to pull off this epic collaboration at the Miami festival? We will have to wait and see, as it all goes down at Rolling Loud on July 23, 2021.

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