Whoa, y'all. An extremely rare two-headed snake is back on display and ready for your visit at a zoo in Waco, Texas.

Well, this isn't something we see every day. I tend to try and avoid snakes with only ONE head. But a TWO-headed snake? Yeah, that sounds like something you'd see in a movie or read about in some ancient Greek tale when the hero of the story finds himself facing down the creatures guarding the underworld across the river Styx.

But yeah, in case you're wondering, this guy is REAL. Well, two guys actually. Meet Pancho and Lefty. Apparently, they've been residents of the Cameron Park Zoo in Waco, Texas before because, according to a YouTube video post shared by KBTX which we'll share below, they're BACK on display. How did I not hear of this before? (Maybe I was blocking it out.) 

As un-fond as I tend to be of snakes, there's something about Pancho and Lefty that makes me feel compassion for them...or, um...HIM.

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According to the post shared by the Cameron Park Zoo in Waco, TX, a family that lives outside of Waco discovered this unusual Western Rat Snake fellow outside of their home back in 2016. Many people would've likely found a less hospitable way of dealing with him, but thankfully they helped him find his way to those that could care for him. And even if they'd just let him be, according to the Zoo staff, he would've struggled to thrive or even survive left to his own devices.

Why is that?

The snake actually has two brains that "are often giving conflicting commands to his one body, so his movements are more sporadic and uncoordinated than typical one-headed snakes. The other problem is that he can easily injure his neck by trying to go in different directions and getting stuck on branches, rocks, and other obstacles"

And THAT is what happened back in 2021. And that's why he was no longer on exhibit so he could have time to heal.

Here's the full post they shared if you'd like to make a plan to go see Pancho and Lefty:

Here's the video shared by KBTX recently, too:

I gotta tell ya, though I'm not one to typically have a heart for most snakes after all this one's been through--I'm pulling for him. 

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