United Airlines can't seem to catch a break. A few weeks ago a woman died on a United Airlines flight from Houston to London and on Monday a United Airlines flight from Tampa, Florida had passengers screaming and putting their feet in the air after a snake was spotted on the plane under seats.

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Passengers on a United Airlines flight from Tampa had been airborne for two hours and had just landed at Newark International Airport when screams and sheer panic ensued onboard as a snake was spotted in business class while the plane taxed toward the gate.

The plane's crew requested help from officials as the plane made its way to the gate. Once the plane arrived at the appropriate gate, officials boarded the plane to remove the snake.

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After the snake was removed, passengers were deplaned and all passengers' bags were searched for any remaining snakes. No other snakes were found on the plane or in luggage that was onboard the plane.

The plane was only delayed approximately 20 minutes.


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