If you found a quarter in the soda machine at work, would you try to give it back, or would you put it in your pocket?

If you found a quarter in a machine outside of your local grocery store or whatever, and you didn't see the person who left it, sure. That's fair game. But what if you knew it belonged to someone you know. Say at work.

This afternoon, I went to our soda machine here at the station, and purchased an ice cold carbonated beverage. The sweet-canned soda costs right at 75 cents. I put a dollar in the machine, and chose my drink. Out fell my choice followed by one lone quarter into the currency dispenser.

When I went to grab the quarter, I noticed another coin in the change-hole. I pulled them both out, and stared at them. Do I just put them both in my pocket, or try and return the coined Washington to it's rightful owner?

What would you do in this situation?

Briefly weighing the pros and cons, I decided I'd try and give it back to the person who forgot it in the machine. Our receptionist, Ms. Jan(et) had the bright idea of posting about it...so here we are! What would you do?

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