I'm a huge fan of beef jerky. In fact, my background on my phone is a picture taken at Johnson's Boucaniere of a nice picture that someone drew that states, "My heart belongs to beef jerky". Most people might think of beef jerky as a snack food. I could eat it as a meal. Dr. Pepper just so happens to be my soda of choice. That being said...Dr. Pepper beef jerky has been made. What do you think? Would or would not?

If you're looking at where you can get some to try, Butler's Smokehouse sells it. You can get a 1.6oz. bag for $5. Which, for any kind of beef jerky for that amount, is a pretty good deal. Not sure where this picture was taken, but if anyone sees it for that $3.99 price tag, you should probably try it out!

dr pepper beef jerky

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