We don't need anyone to tell us we talk funny in Louisiana, we've heard it all before. And just for the record, we don't consider it anything unusual at all! But even we know that there are certain words that have a completely different meaning here in the Bayou State. Movato.com has come up with a list, and we pretty much agree with everything on it, sha!

  • Boot - of course, the shape of our beautiful state
  • LA - the REAL Louisiana
  • Humidity - it takes on a whole new meaning if you're here during summer. And if you're from the north, don't even think about telling us it's 'hot' where you live
  • Public Intoxication - as long as you're not driving, you're cool
  • Potholes - this means a new alignment on your car if you don't watch where you're going!
  • Alligators - we don't actually have to go to a zoo to see them here
  • Crawfish - not lobster's younger brother, but a full blown excuse to have a party
  • Beans - served with rice every Monday. And we mean EVERY Monday
  • 'True Blood' - only people in New York would think those cajun accents are real
  • Cajun - it's who we are, not a type of seasoning or food
  • Hot Sauce - you're kidding yourself if you think this stuff is 'hot' in the northern United States
  • Parish - our counties
  • Funeral - we prefer 'Second Line', which is basically a life celebration with a parade
  • French Quarter - tourist destination with overpriced food and drinks
  • Film Industry - the biggest revenue producer in the state of Louisiana. They don't call us 'Hollywood of the South' for nothin'
  • Go Cup - ummm, it's actually 'geaux', and why wouldn't you want to take your drink out on the street if you weren't finished with it yet?

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