You know what I wouldn't do in this situation? Stick around.

Lauren Taylor posted about her experience on Facebook when a mountain lion found it's way into her home. She says that it was drinking water from her backyard pond, and wandered in through the open back door.

The home has built around real trees, so there's a chance that the mountain lion didn't realize exactly where she was until she was already inside.

This woman claims she connected with the beast through psychic and perceptive energy. In my very unprofessional opinion on the matter, I'm going to go ahead and say if you're ever in this situation, don't do this. Calling Wildlife and Fisheries or even the police would seemingly be better than sticking around and trying to psychically connect with a wild mountain lion.

That being said, after six hours of napping, it made it's way out of the house.

Here's her journey including pictures, her psychic and energy connection with the mountain lion, and videos she took.

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