When the family dog runs after a mountain lion, a group of guys run after the pup to save him. Part of the situation is captured on camera.

While you don't see the actual attack on camera, the fact that you see guys running, falling, and flashing lights...THEN you see the mountain lion, it almost makes it scarier!

"My daughter yelled 'Mountain lion...grab the flashlight!', which I did on my way out the door with my other son-in-law, who didn't hear the 'mountain lion' part. The mountain lion and our dog had tumbled behind one of the cars and we yelled and banged the shovel behind them. I then blinded the cougar with a bright, strobing flashlight, it looked up and the doge got away and ran onto the porch, followed closely by my son-in-law with the shovel. My son-in-law and I both raised our arms and yelled, but it would not retreat, so we moved back around the car towards the house, briefly losing sight of it, but hitting it in the eyes again with the bright strobe as soon as we regained sight of it. The dog escaped with several puncture wounds, bites, and scrapes."

Would you go after a mountain lion to save your dog?

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