There is a new trend on social media where women are getting their significant others a new shirt, only to scheme out a not-so-elaborate plan that leaves all of the men at a friendly gathering with matching outfits. The prank has apparently been backfiring, as most men seem to get a kick out of wearing the same exact outfit as their buddies.


Picture this - your significant other picks out a brand new shirt for you to rock at your friend group's holiday party. You're either excited to rock the new digs or impartial to what you throw on - either way, you now have a get-up for the gathering.

Unbeknownst to you, all of your significant others have schemed up a plan that leaves every guy at the gathering wearing the same exact shirt.


This is the trend that has been moving across social media, as groups of guys everywhere are getting quite the surprise out of all of their friends wearing the same shirt.

Women Trick Men Into All Wearing the Same Shirt

Check out one example for yourself via @DudespostingWs on Twitter here.

See another example of the trend being pulled on a group of guy-friends via @pubity on Instagram below.

Was this the outcome significant others' expected? Or did this prank backfire on them? Clearly, the guys are getting a kick out of the prank. They're taking photos with each other and laughing it up after realizing this was all planned out by their significant others.


From the guys' perspective, this turned into a hilarious moment where seemingly none of them were offended by the idea that someone wore the same shirt to a function as them. Some wondered what would happen if the roles were reversed and the fellas bought their ladies an outfit, only for them to end up matching with all of the other women present at an event.

I discussed this hypothetical with a female co-worker who suggested that if this "prank" were pulled on her and a group of friends, she probably wouldn't care that much and would laugh about it with the others. She did add that there may be some women out there who would not find the prank as funny.

Others on Twitter said that if the women planned the prank, they probably wouldn't be offended if the reverse occurred.

I won't assume too much about how women would react to this prank. I will simply wait for a group of guys with enough courage to try it out for themselves to get a true reaction out of a group of girl-friends.

See more reactions to the trend via Twitter below.

Some out there agreed that women may not react the same way as these guys were. Other guys suggested that they wouldn't enjoy this prank as much as the fellas in the examples above did. Either way, the trend has gotten lots of attention online.

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