Something tells me that he's going to pay for that one.

I wouldn't dare pull something like this with my wife. I know better than that. The repercussions would supersede the hilarity of the prank.

As this guy's wife is drinking away at a beverage while they drive down the road, he's watching her in his camera. Why? Because he's about to do a little pranking. All I can say is, I sure hope that whatever she was drinking wasn't hot. That would take it passed the prank status.

So, as this couple is driving down the road, the wife is drinking her beverage quite frequently. Apparently it's tasty. She's about to not have much left of that drink, at least not to enjoy. As she goes to take a sip of her it, the husband hits the accelerator, causing the drink to not only shoot all over her face, but into her mouth and up her nose!

Can anyone translate what she says, because I'm pretty sure at the very least one curse word was used.

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