Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, is the biggest shopping day of the year. People camp out for days just to get the best deals on merchandise for Christmas. But it can also be a pretty nasty day as well. I have worked in retail before, so I have seen the "chaos" of the biggest shopping day of the year.

Now, retailers are extending Black Friday sales and are beginning on Thanksgiving Day. Some are starting on Thanksgiving Eve. There are pros and cons to Black Friday. You can definitely save more money on Christmas shopping and walk out with some pretty nice gifts that would cost you much more a day later. This is great if you are struggling financially. It really helps.

But, having experiencing this personally, it can bring the beast out in people. There have been horrible occurrences from this day including fighting and even fatalities. Now, that retailers are starting the deals a day early, will Thanksgiving become the biggest shopping day of the year? Will people start acting like this on Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is a day to celebrate everything to be thankful of in life and spending time with your loved ones. Don't forget that turkey either! It's not a day to be fighting over a $50 Blu-Ray player. What do you think, will extending Black Friday a day or two earlier ruin the spirit of Thanksgiving?

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