Thanksgiving is such a magical time for football fans. It's a rare weekday where the only things you need concern yourself with are food, family, and football.

The NFL is giving fans a three-course Thanksgiving slate that's sure to satisfy, keeping fans entertained from lunch till guilt-filled late-night snacktime.

It starts just before lunchtime with an appetizer of Bills-Lions. The Lions playing on Thanksgiving is like dinner rolls, or stuffing. It just isn't Thanksgiving without it. The scrappy, emotionally-charged team is coming off of a 3-game winning streak.

However, they are going to face a huge challenge in the form of the Buffalo Bills, who'll be looking to regain some confidence after losing two of their last three and allowing the Kansas City Chiefs to jump into the top spot of the AFC playoff picture.

By the way, the Bills and Lions are both tied with the Chiefs for most 30+ point games this season, so if I was betting on these games, I'd hammer the over for this one.

This noontime game will also feature a special tribute to legendary NFL coach John Madden, something I am very much looking forward to.

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In the afternoon, the main course will be a big-time divisional matchup between the Cowboys and the Giants. This is your fried turkey, your honey ham, your seafood gumbo for my Cajuns out there.

This game likely has the biggest playoff ramifications of the day. Both teams sit at 7-3, two games behind the NFC East division leaders, the Philadelphia Eagles.

Oh, and the Cowboys will be wearing throwback unis, featuring these helmets.

That's fresher than still-steaming apple pie.

The run-heavy offense of Brian Daboll's Giants will have to try to slow down a red-hot Cowboys defense coming off of a huge upset over the Vikings, in which they held the Vikings to 3 points.

The Cowboys are 9 point favorites in this matchup, but don't be fooled. This game looks like it'll be competitive, and the Cowboys haven't exactly always been stellar on Turkey Day.

Finally, we've got to finish this football meal with dessert. And right now, there aren't many things as sweet in pro football as getting to watch Justin Jefferson do his thing.

The Vikings take on the Patriots in what is going to be a get back game for Minnesota. After their loss to the Cowboys (see above), they need to get momentum rolling back their way, and a Patriots team that lacks identity is just the thing.

But one thing looms over the Vikings that could spoil their day, like accidentally getting gravy on your pecan pie or getting your uncle started on politics.

Kirk Cousins is historically terrible in primetime.

As much as I'd love to predict a win for the scrappy Lions, this game is the only underdog I foresee pulling out a victory.

So there you have it. A three-course slate on Thanksgiving, so that fans can feast on food and football all at once.

I know what I'm thankful for.

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