Baton Rouge Police Officer Matthew Gerald's widow gave birth to a baby boy.

Officer Matthew Gerald was one of three police officers who were gunned down in an ambush on July 17th, 2016. His wife, Dechia Gerald, found out she was pregnant after he was killed. She learned that they had conceived just five days before he died.

The Baton Rouge Police Department Facebook page made the announcement that Dechia had given birth to a baby boy:

You'll notice that they can't wait to visit their "newest Baby Buttons." What this is referring to is Matthew Gerald's coworkers called him Buttons. His son will now carry on that moniker.

Here's something that you might just want to pull out the tissue for. Dechia has worn Matthew's wedding ring as a necklace ever since July 17th, the day he died. When she held Baby Buttons for the first time, he immediately grabbed onto his dad's ring.

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