In a new video posted by Whitechapel’s Phil Bozeman, the frontman takes on the topic of haters in the metal community and specifically how he approaches the negativity aimed at  his own band. For example, Whitechapel received a fair amount of hate through social networking after their recent tour with Asking Alexandria and Bozeman addresses this topic head on.

Bozeman defended their decision to tour with Asking Alexandria, explaining, “Some of you may know we recently toured with Asking Alexandria and a lot of the fans were like ‘What the f---guys, why would you tour with such a stupid band.’” He continued, “See, now that’s the sh-- that pisses me off. You want to know why? Because it was a great tour for us to broaden our fanbase and tour for our fans and potentially gain new ones.”

He didn’t leave it at that though. “We got up on stage and played the same exact songs that are on our albums and put on the same show we would have on any other tour,” Bozeman said. “People acted like we were a different band and that we sucked because we toured with a band that was odd for us to tour with. How does that make any sense?”

He then offered up his own explanation, sharing, “I literally think that some people have it programmed into their brain to like a certain band for a few years and then hate them for any reason possible. If my favorite band put out an album I didn’t like, who cares! It doesn’t mean they suck now, just don’t listen to that album if you don’t like it.”

Bozeman also touched on the topics of social networking and how it allows anonymous haters to run their mouths without having to back it up. He also encouraged music fans to like whatever bands and music artists they want to like and to not to be influenced by those around them.

Check out the full commentary in the video above to hear Bozeman’s thoughts all while playing a game of ‘COD: Black Ops 2.’

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