Most people probably know that it's not all real chicken in their chicken nuggets. They've accepted that fact, and live on, eating their weight in chicken nuggets. But what if you found out that only about 50% of your chicken nugget was chicken. What's the other 50% of it made of? Keep reading to find out.

A recent study was done on chicken nuggets from two popular fast food chains. Here's what they found. From Inquisitr:

One of the nuggets turned out to consist of half muscle and the rest an unhealthy but tasty mix of fat, nerves and blood vessels. the second specimen tested contained only 40 percent muscle, the rest was fat, small pieces of bone and cartilage.


The researchers seemed a little miffed that restaurants were serving unhealthy meals and marketing them as all white chicken meat. White meat is considered a healthy lean meal. And most places market the unhealthy faux-chicken to children.

It must be noted that the samples taken were only from two fast food outlets and don’t necessarily represent the majority of chicken nuggets on the market.

Will you be eating chicken nuggets now?

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